Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Layering Rugs (with help from Ecarpet Gallery)

Hi there.  Happy Wednesday!

Way back in the late Fall, I received an email from Ecarpet Gallery asking if I wanted to do a review of a rug from their online store. I sort of put it out of my mind because acquiring a rug wasn’t at the top of my priorities.

(You may have seen the gorgeous cover of the February House & Home – the rug was from Ecarpet.)

But as the months grew colder, I decided that layering a rug over my jute rug would warm up my living room, giving it less of a summer vibe.

So I took a look through their site, for literally hours, and came across this beauty. I just loved the ethnic feel and the pattern seemed kind of familiar to me.  Plus it’s a bit unexpected.

It’s not a vintage rug which tends to be thinner due to wear and have their own appeal. It’s new and plush which makes it oh-so-soft underfoot. A rug like this wouldn’t be a good choice for a front entry though.

I like that the Ecarpet site gives you info on the rug. This one is from the Peshawar Bokhara region of Pakistan noted for its high quality rugs. The motif is what’s referred to as the elephant foot pattern.

Here are some close ups. There is also a faint hint of blue which picks up on the blue throughout the room.

My pink velvet ottoman looks even more fab sitting on the rug.

(All photos by Leah Kirin)

Do check out Ecarpet Gallery if you are looking for a rug in any size, colour or pattern. Their inventory is diverse. They also have amazing sales every now and then (eg. my carpet was on sale for around $400), so get on their mailing list so you can receive word of their exclusive offers.

Here are a few that I liked from their site.

I like many in this collection:


This one is an investment but isn’t it gorgeous? (I’m sure it will go on sale at some point!)


This vintage rug from the 1950’s would look sweet placed in front of a bed in a little girl’s room with its shades of pink and mint:

1 | 2 | 3

With almost 2000 rugs on their site, you are sure to find something for yourself or a client.  They ship within Canada and the US and have a 30-day return policy.  Happy shopping!

Thank you so much Ecarpet Gallery! I adore my new rug.

If you require design advice, please contact me at vanessa(at)


  1. I adore eCarpet Gallery- such an amazing selection of pretty! Your rug is gorgeous:)

    1. Thanks Christine! I love the one that you have in T's room as well.

  2. Very nice Vanessa! I'll be checking out their site shortly. The rug looks perfect in your space.

    1. Thanks Lisa! Yes, check them out and sign up for their emails for the sales which are ridiculous (in a good way!)

  3. I'll have to check them out! I need a new rug in my family room.

  4. The rug you chose is lovely! I just bought a vintage piece from them and I adore it... it is worn though so if that isn't your aesthetic I would suggest that you have a really good look at the photos on the site before ordering. I love the worn and faded look so I was thrilled with my purchase.

  5. Love your choice and how it changes the room. Great colour with the ottoman!

  6. I liked your rug too, and it looks great layered! Thanks for letting me know about Ecarpet Gallery, I need a new rug (okay, I always need a new rug...)


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