Friday, February 14, 2014

Changing Things Up in the Bedroom

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Did I grab your attention with that title?  CopyBlogger would be so proud. It’s not what you think.

I just thought I would share some recent changes I made to our bedroom, most notably our beautiful custom upholstered headboard in a Maxwell fabric.

via Decor Happy

So, here is a really sad Before photo (below). I bought the pine queen bed over 20 years ago when pine was all the rage. It was definitely time to say goodbye (I sold it quickly on Kijiji) and invest in a King size bed.  I knew I wanted an upholstered headboard as they add warmth, colour, pattern and are comfortable for reading in bed. I very rarely specify a non-upholstered bed for these reasons. Every client loves their upholstered bed and wonders why they didn’t invest in one sooner. 


Embarrassing, I know.  But, the bedroom was always pushed to the backburner as there were other more pressing areas of our home to decorate. (the bed looks so tiny compared to our king)

It took me ages to decide on a fabric. I went from a teal velvet to a black and white stripe to this one.  I didn’t want a bold pattern as it would be more difficult to work with when (not if!) I change the bedding/duvet cover and pillows.

Here’s a close up of the fabric where you can see the detail of the floral pattern.  So, it’s a pattern without really being a bossy pattern as it’s tone-on-tone. It can pair with almost any colour. I had bought the Marimekko fabric (it’s one of their prints from the early 90’s and I love how fresh it is) when I was in NYC a few years ago and had the pillows made.

Vanessa Francis Design

The headboard fabric is Maxwell’s Chanel, in colour #206 Ink.  I absolutely love it! It comes in eleven different colours, as you can see in the link,  to appeal to anyone.  I had considered the yellow version for my headboard but the navy won out in the end and I couldn’t be happier.

 via Decor Happy

Vanessa Francis Design (photos by Leah Kirin)

I love how it looks so fresh paired with the yellow and white stripe duvet cover (Ikea) and the white bedding (Hudson’s Bay).  But it can look completely different and more wintry just by changing those two things. Go here to check out Maxwell’s beautiful fabrics. They just released their Spring 2014 collection and it looks to be pretty and fresh which is right up my alley.

Have you decorated your bedroom lately? Or is it a room that you keep putting off and keep the door closed (like in the commercial, that was me for years!) The bedroom is still a work in progress as I need to add art (maybe another art wall) to the long wall to the left of the bed and have an ottoman made for the foot of the bed. But I love how it’s starting to look and feel and Rome wasn’t built in a day, right?

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day filled with love and chocolate!

(Disclosure: my friends at Maxwell provided a discount on the fabric but all opinions are my own as I would have bought the fabric anyway!)

If you require design advice, please contact me at vanessa(at)


  1. haha LOVE the title!!! And I absolutely ADORE the new look!! WOW!! The fabric is amazing!

    1. Thanks Christine! I love the fabric I chose in the end - I flipflopped for months! And I'm not sure if this post will show up in "cheeky" searches. lol

  2. Beautiful, I like a pattern on a headboard but nothing too crazy & the pillow fabric is so lively!

    1. Thanks Hollie! Appreciate your comment - always!

  3. Great headboard and also like the table lamp!

  4. You had me at navy lol! It's gorgeous and exactly what I would love to do for our room as well. Trying to convince hubby to get rid of our rice bed is proving a little difficult.

  5. The headboard is great. Your bedroom now looks like a lovely, cozy retreat!


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