Monday, September 17, 2012

Getting Organized…in the Home Office

Happy Monday! Was that not the most beautiful Fall weekend weather? A little shout out to Mr. Decor Happy who ran in our local half-marathon yesterday.  So proud of him and all of the other runners including an 81 year old runner who set another world record!  So inspiring!

Seeing as I was featured in print in an “Organizing” issue, thought I will share some organizing tips now and then. 

On one side of my home office is cabinetry and workspace which I blogged about here.  (It’s getting a little makeover too as I replace the desktop with stained wood.)

photo credit: Leah Kirin

And on the other side of the office is a bookcase on the wall which I installed years ago so that I could place my drafting table below it. I wasn’t really using the drafting table any more so I was on the hunt for a shelving unit to fit the space. I was looking for specific dimensions in a specific finish and it was impossible to find.

This is when having something custom made is the best solution. So I contacted Vie from Anvil Wrought Iron and we created this bookcase called the “Vanessa.”  :)

I wanted to have a place to store trays for client samples along with their files. It really is the best way to keep this organized on current projects – everything is together in one spot and I know where to quickly find it.  (I’m actually on the hunt for smaller trays (15”x15”) so I can fit three across.)

office-25 Photo credit:  Leah Kirin

I also have space to house fabric samples, and art, books etc on the top shelf. The art is from Etsy and a thrift shop of all places.

Yes, I know I have a bit of a magazine obsession – this is only a portion of it, the rest is in my family room and bedroom!

You can’t tell from the photo  but the bottom shelf is mirror and the rest is glass. (I’m going to switch the mirror shelf to the top shelf so it is more visible.) I love the aged brass finish.

The gorgeous navy paint wall colour which I absolutely love is Para’s Straight Leg P5157-75. I’m so glad I didn’t go any darker towards black as was my original intention.

Well must go, I’m inspired by all those runners I cheered on yesterday, and am off to the gym!

Have a happy week!  I’ll be back with a message from one of my sponsors mid-week, which you won’t want to miss!


  1. OH.MY. That shelving unit is GORGEOUS. And the blue on the walls. I just died. Really lovely.

  2. Very nice. I agree with Lindsay, the shelving unit is beautiful. And I like your taste in magazines!;-)

  3. It looks great Vanessa! I love the dark brass, it's like jewellery on the dark walls! So great to work with you, and so glad to see it here! Vie

  4. Totally in love with your office! So well organized and brown shelving against the dark blue wall looks perfect together!

  5. Love the new shelving unit. So practical and pretty too! Congrats on the magazine feature!

  6. LOVE the new shelving and wall colour - what a great call! It's making me re-think my bedroom colour - maybe it's time to drop the Cloud White and take a chance with colour??

  7. looks great V! now I know what is my go to Navy blue!! and that Vanessa bookcase by Vie is so gorgeous! Can't wait for my turn now to work with Vie for a "tim" desk ... hopefully in the near future!

  8. The custom shelving unit is gorgeous! You and Vie did a great job designing it. Love the warm aged brass finish, and it looks great against the navy wall - which is a pretty fantastic colour :-)

    I'm also a bit of a magazine hoarder. Every time I decide I need to purge, I talk myself out of it. But really, most of my magazines are sitting in boxes in a closet in the basement, so I'm thinking I don't REALLY need them. And I have some issues from last year that I haven't even read yet!

  9. Boy, I need to do this so bad! Organize my office. Thanks for some great ideas.

  10. I absolutely love that blue Vanessa! I have been looking for just the right blue for my front room and that might be it!! I love how you have so many magazines, it must be something in the blood of us decorators that we just can't part with them. Although I don't think I have quite as many as you!! ;)

  11. I'm in love with your office. The custom unit and the shelving above it is a wonderful way to both organize and display all the magazines (which we all have MANY of) and samples, etc. Love it and pinning it to mimic one day! :)


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