Monday, July 2, 2012

Blogger Backyard Party

Still thinking about the fun times at the Blogger Backyard Party last weekend, sponsored by the Home Depot.  As you saw in the Before photo, the focal point of our backyard was a large trampoline.  So, it was nice to finally have a patio, seating and some trees.



Love, love, love the sectional!  Also love these stackable chairs – inexpensive (they are on sale right now too!), comfortable and easy to store.  The end table was a $5 Aberfoyle find which I spray painted with navy outdoor paint. (PS Would love to paint the fence an off-black colour but don’t think that will happen any time soon.)



This photo cracks me up. Not sure what I was saying but everyone looks shocked! There is always so much to chat about when you get a few design bloggers together.

Aly and Jordana (Home Depot’s PR team) with Jen and I.  Yes, it was very sunny, hence the shades. I think, I’ll have to invest in a pergola or gazebo next year.

Lisa and Lindsey

Yvonne, Christine, Tim, Chris



The best photos at a party are the unposed ones like this.

Macarons – yum!

  Love this photo of Sarah – she is glowing!

And this photo of my gorgeous sister Arlene.  She’s really thinking “OK Van, you can get off my lap now. You’re not 10 any more!”


I really think outdoor rugs like these cozy up the hard patio surface. The ones above were brought in for the party but I just may invest in a couple. I also placed planters around the patio (see left of photo) for some colour.

Group photo - smile!  (All photos by Leah Kirin)

(Thanks Home Depot for organizing the event – your team was a pleasure to work with!  Visit the Home Depot for everything for your backyard/balcony/porch!)

If you require decorating advice, please contact me at vanessa(at)vanessafrancis(dot)com.


  1. What a brilliant party!! So sorry I missed it! Your outdoor space looks so inviting...I seriously need to acceorize mine...time for a trip to Home Depot!

  2. Love the pics....a great reminder of a fun afternoon in a gorgeous backyard! Thanks for including me!

  3. Vanessa, these photos are fabulous (thanks Leah!) just as your 'new' backyard. Thank you for having me - it was nice to get together on a smaller scale and have some great conversations. And, of course, thanks to The Home Depot as well - it was great to finally meet the ladies behind the names. Enjoy your backyard this summer!!!

  4. Sad I missed this as well - looks like it was a great time! (and a beautiful day for it!)

  5. Fabulous pics Vanessa - so sad I missed it. Would have loved to catch up with all the girls!!

  6. Looks so fabulous... and looks like everyone enjoyed that sectional! ;) Thanks for sharing the photos - just wish I had been there with all of you !

  7. Looks fabulous! Having just gone through a backyard reno I know you must be very excited to enjoy the space :)

  8. Sniff, all my favourite people all in one place - I miss you all! Sad I am so far away, but it looked like fun AND I love your patio! I want those chairs, I had my eye on similar ones at Cdn Tire but I LOVE these so much better!

  9. You did a phenomenal job on building this patio set! Everyone looks awesome, thanks for sharing these pictures with us ! You must be enjoying your time outdoor even more now!

  10. Found your blog through the lovely Tim @ Design Maze. Love your posts, so I guess I'm your newest follower. Hello!


  11. Looks like a great party! I wish bloggers outside of Toronto had great opportunities like this - you Toronto girls (and guys too!) have all the fun!

    I'd love to make our patio into a great outdoor room, but I know hubby would pooh-pooh, the whole thing - he's just too darn practical for cool things like outdoor carpets and sectional sofas!

  12. Your patio looks great! The rugs and furniture really made it an outside room. Friends made for a beautiful photo!

  13. You were able to fit quite a few people at your back yard party! That is the sign of a good arrangement and layout, I think, when you can entertain both intimately and for a group.

    I love the silver wine bucket/ice holder that I spot in the background, on the table - perfect size!

    - Holly


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