Thursday, June 28, 2012

Decor Shopping…Penney and Company

I have been a fan of Michael Penney’s since his early days with Canadian House and Home.  He has since left the magazine and then did a season working on Sarah 101 with Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe (currently airing Tues nights on HGTV Canada.)

His latest venture is opening up his very own store in Whitby (Ontario) filled to the brim with everything quintessentially Michael. He is also taking on decorating clients, so if you live in the area, it’s certainly something to consider.

My sister lives in Whitby so whenever I go to visit, we always stop in to see what’s new as Michael is always bringing in new and interesting pieces.  (I snapped these photos on a visit there last month so some of the items may not be available.)


Love the exterior of his shop painted Farrow and Ball’s Arsenic, one of Michael’s favourite paint colours.  It definitely causes passersby to stop and take notice.  Another smart idea is having your website address on your storefront window.


He related that a woman bought this sofa without seeing it in person. It certainly is a showstopper!


When I interviewed him early last year, this is what he had to say about his style: “ the common thread is traditional elements mixed with fresh colours and casual comfort.  I like to reinterpret the work of the decorating greats through a modern, more loose perspective.  I can get into modern and edgy looks, but my heart strings are always pulled most by fresh, colourful and effortlessly comfortable rooms.”



I bought the wicker table that’s beside the sofa with plans on painting it black or a fun colour for possible use in my bedroom.


You may recognize these chairs from the June, 2012  issue of Style at Home.


In this photo, you can see where the pool tables were when the  store was a pool hall for many decades.  


I look so tiny compared to Michael (I’m really not that short – he is very tall!)  We had a lovely chat about the history of the store, items for sale and decorating in general.  If you haven’t been to Penney and Company, it’s definitely worth the drive to Whitby!


  1. This is fabulous news. I can visit my niece...well really my 2 great nieces and do some shopping at the same time. Maybe we should plan our Whitby visits for the same time Vanessa.

  2. His store looks so lovely, i need to pay a visit! Did you end up purchasing anything from there??

  3. Oooh, I never made it before I moved BUT I'll be back in Whitby visiting my parents in about 2 weeks and I can't wait to drop into his shop! :)

  4. I wish I had time to visit when I was there. But it sure was a treat to bump into him outside Designer Fabrics!

  5. I love the storefront, so bright and cheery ~ I would definitely stop in if I lived there!

  6. Baaahhh there are so many things I would want to buy! I wish I could have made it there when we visited!! And PS. I look CRAZY short in my photo with Michael when we bumped into him at Designer Fabrics :)

    Nancy xo

  7. It looks like a great store. If I am ever in Whitby Ontario I will look it up.

  8. What a great place ~ thanks for sharing!

  9. so much fab products!! V, you will have to take me with you next time you go visit Michael!

  10. I would love to take a trip there! Lucky you!

  11. I would love to go there! Maybe we need a road trip and all go together?!


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