Thursday, May 17, 2012

Guest Blogging at New York Spaces Magazine

When I attended Blogfest last year, I was one of ten bloggers chosen to guest blog for New York Spaces magazine (online.)

I knew I wanted to write about art and was waiting to shoot a few client’s homes with beautiful original art that we had sourced.  Well, that didn’t happen due to my clients’ budget constraints and other priorities.  I thought that with Blogfest 2012 kicking off next Monday, I should contact them to see if the offer still stood. I sent my article over yesterday and it is up on their home page today – so cool!


There I am mentioned on their home page today!

You can read the article here.  Thank you New York Spaces!  I will be sure to pick up their kitchen and bath issue when I am in New York next week. Love the cover!


  1. Love your article! So much inspiration!

    I found your amazing blog through the EQ3 contest, I'll be seeing you I guess at BP! Hope we have a chance to chat!

  2. I really enjoyed your article. There are so many people that should read it and get inspired!! Awesome that they published it so quickly.

  3. congrats V! great post and some very nice transformation done by the talented you! have fun in NYC, I will miss you and all the fab products/showrooms you get to see and visit. XO


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